Yes, you asshole, are my savior.

I could say you hurt me, because you did. Yet, I am still alive. I could say that I could never hurt you like you hurt me… I fucking dare you to dare me to try. I think about you every single damn day of my life since that day. I have cried over you… often… but I just want to say thank you. You opened me up like a pretty little present. I fit me better, I found a piece of me that i was looking for. There is a saying out there about how you never know how strong you are till you are tested by some event, and your reaction to that event will show you how strong you really are. My event was you stealing my soul and everything I latched onto. I grew with the loss of my content numbness, and with the sensation of feeling anything. My walls are gone cause i let you knock them down. Now, I am a lot stronger than i thought, than you thought. If its not from me its from someone else, where ever it comes from you got shit coming your way. Despite you looking at me like I am nothing, despite you blaming it on the alcohol I feel different… better in a sense… changed. I feel like a strong bad ass mother fucker with some real thick skin… I can take anything now. I know who to avoid- anybody like you… unless i want to fuck with some heads. Fuck you very much asshole and thanks for the good time. I won’t forget it, and I doubt you will either. I could say you ruined me, but I feel saved.